Friday, January 11, 2013

Can you really change your life?

For many people the New Year means a fresh start, and another New Year’s resolution. And while making the resolution to lose weight is easy, keeping it, can be a challenge.

It's easier to stay motivated and stick to your New Year's resolution when you see your progress. Weigh yourself every day to stay motivated.

It is critical to know what truly motivates you to lose the weight. Keeping in your mind a concrete reason will have a tremendous impact as you proceed with your weight loss efforts.

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. When you are convinced that losing weight is more important than what you are giving up, then you are ready for action and you will likely succeed.

Motivate yourself daily. Focus on the reasons why you must lose weight every day. Is it health, or is it fear? Some people, me included, require fear.

One way to stay motivated is to imagine what you will lose if you do not reach your goal.
Plan ahead. Plan a healthy menu and write a shopping list to take to the store. It’s easier to stick to your nutrition goals when you have a list while shopping.

Losing weight is a commitment to behavioral changes. A number of behavioral and eating strategies that have worked for me may also work for you. [more]