Friday, December 28, 2012

Sleeping Too Little?

Sleep deprivation makes you tired and cranky and less able to think clearly.

Sleeping too little promotes weight gain. Not getting a good night's sleep can lead people to pack on pounds over time. Lack of good sleep when it comes to both quality and quantity are the driving forces behind the negative health and body weight effects.
More than 28 per cent of Americans sleep fewer than six hours a night. Work-related stress, shift-work, prolonged light, and television or computer exposure are the most frequent lifestyle factors that contribute towards sleep deprivation.

What can you do?
In her book Take a Nap! Change Your Life, Sara Mednick, Ph.D., points out that 20 to 30-minute naps can be used during the week to recharge yourself mentally, and 90-minute naps should be used on your off days to help minimize your sleep debt. By taking 90 minutes to doze, you will go through all the stages of sleep, and some research shows that the benefits of this length nap are equivalent to that of getting eight hours of sleep during the night.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you believe overweight people should run?

Do you believe overweight people should run?
As always I would say do what is the best for you and your situation.
I tried running when I was obese. It was very hard. I didn’t know about walk/run method for beginners.  I pushed myself to run for a minute and got tired quickly.
Then I had surgery for a knee and had to wait almost a year to resume running. I also managed to lose significant amount of weight during the non-running period.
When I started again, it was so different; it felt like if I were another person.
I fell in love in running since then and it changed my life.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Traditional Holiday Eating

Holidays are the most challenging times when it comes to eating healthy.

It is hard to keep the weight off and your body healthy while still enjoying yourself this holiday season.

Being health-conscious doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy the holiday season, but

I’m afraid most of us give up our healthy eating habits to “indulge” during the holiday season.

When food is served during holiday family gatherings it is difficult to strike a balance between maintaining a healthy diet and joining in with the fun and festivities.
I don’t expect to lose weight during the holidays. I will try to remember that while it is extremely difficult to lose weight during the holidays, it is hard but manageable to keep and maintain my pre-holiday weight.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Knowledge is the first step to a successful weight loss

Knowledge is the first step to a successful weight loss journey. The more you know, the more likely you are to do the right thing.

Somebody smart said that knowledge is power. By arming yourself with the facts about healthy weight loss, you are more likely to build confidence in your abilities and achieve your weight loss goals.

I agree, but want to add that knowledge by itself is not power. It is the application of knowledge that yields sustained success. Knowledge is very important, but action is the key.

Losing weight isn’t rocket science. Once you understand your body, it’s simple.

Simply put, you must change your nutrition - permanently.