Monday, January 27, 2014

My breakfast step by step


I start my day off with a good breakfast. Breakfast helps me prevent hunger later on. It jump-starts my metabolism and sets my body in the optimal fat-burning state. The protein consumption (a slice of lean turkey), when eaten as part of the daily first meal reduces my appetite throughout the day. It is very important for me to stick with protein breakfast option. Initially it was a little challenging because proteins are usually not a part of typical "breakfast foods".

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do we eat more in the winter?

The winter months bring cold weather, holidays, and the potential for weight gain. For me winter is a challenging season when it comes to weight loss.

Do we eat more in the winter? I think we do eat more during the winter time. There’s something about the winter that makes us eat more. Part of the weight gain may be because of our tendency to stay indoors and snack more than we do during the summer.
Developing goals that focus on healthy eating habits for the winter makes it easier to optimize eating winter holiday meals. Healthy winter eating habits can really make a difference with holiday weight control.  

What do you do to prevent winter weight gain?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions You Will Stick With

On January 1 many of us make all kinds of promises that “starting tomorrow, things are going to be different.”

How can we take advantage of our good intentions on January 1 and make them work for us throughout the year, or at least for longer than they would naturally last?

For long-term success, a detailed and sustainable action plan is key.

Take advantage of these moments of clarity at the start of the New Year and take actions that would commit us to making good decisions in the future.
For many people the New Year means a fresh start, and another New Year’s resolution.We are determined to make 2014 the year we stick to our health and fitness goals.
And while making the resolution to lose weight is easy, keeping it, can be a challenge.
However, when you are convinced that losing weight is more important than what you are giving up, then you are ready for action and you will likely succeed.