Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eat Better at Work

Your workplace nutrition habits have a major impact on your weight loss.

Since our food choices are strongly determined by what is readily available, following your healthy weight loss eating plan while at work may be hard.

Almost every day we are confronted with unhealthy food choices like bagels, donuts and sometimes even a birthday cake.

Trying to eat healthier throughout your work day can be very difficult, especially when your only choices are fast food or vending machines.

When food choices are limited, the best way to eat healthy at work is to prepare meals in your home to take to the workplace. I don't cook, so it was a bit challenging for me at the beginning. I realized that the best option for me will be to bring salads to work. I also learned that the salads I bring to work must include protein, so I add chicken breast or turkey breast. It worked and continues to work for me for lunch at work. 

Eating healthy food at work isn't just about lunch; you also need healthy snacks throughout the day. The best snacks are fresh fruits and veggies. Simply wash and bring them to your work place. I bring apples to work and eat them every day.

I am posting above what I typically eat for lunch at work. Romaine lettuce, baby spinach, turkey breast, plum tomatoes, nuts, and no dressing. I drink hot black tea with no sugar, honey or milk in tea. It takes me two minutes to prepare the salad before leaving for work.