Sunday, December 31, 2017

Your body is like an engine

Your body is an engine that combusts nutrients  and turns them into energy.

Efficient body engine is essential to eating satisfaction and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Body engine running at peak keeps up a stable burn that provides energy throughout the day and contributes to a good sleep.

To run at peak it needs nutrient rich food.

In contrast,a body engine running suboptimally generates cravings and urges to binge.

It is demanding fuel between meals. It practically is always wanting food. 

If your diet is poor your engine will not get many miles to the gallon.

Focus on nutrition.

Eating less processed foods and more real foods will immediately improve your nutrition profile and give your engine a boost.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

What you can do now

There are many things that you can do to lose weight. What worked for me was changing “everything” overnight, but everybody is different, and different things work best for different people.
While every day is best to start losing weight, starting weight loss in the middle of holiday season is probably more challenging.

Since you are reading this, it means that you are thinking about weight loss. I propose that you use the motivation or concern that brought you here and start doing something now.
What you can do is to stop drinking sugary drinks and drinking more water instead. Yes, it means no soda from now on.

While it will not cause you to lose weight, it will be a big change for start and it will prove to you that change is possible. It will prove to you that change can be done and that you are doing it.
You will experience the satisfaction and empowerment that come from targeting an action, following through, and building a positive new habit. 
Since this change is easy, you will be successful. It will also set your mind that you are already doing something.

Experiencing success builds confidence and motivation. Feeling successful will serve as a constant reminder that change is possible and will help you, when you decide to take action to lose weight.

Do not make terrible mistake by switching to diet soda.  Stop drinking sugary drinks now.