Saturday, February 3, 2018

Making smart choices when food shopping

Many people are interested in eating healthier, but with thousands of products lining grocery store shelves, choosing the right foods can be overwhelming.
What is “healthy”? What does “natural” mean? What are foods labels actually saying?  It can be confusing regardless of whether you shop in supermarkets or local grocery stores.
Buying, and of course eating, the right food is crucial part of my approach to weight loss.
Eat Like Me approach ensures weight loss and at the same time contributes toward healthy life style. I don’t offer any advice how to be more confident in the kitchen, because I don’t cook. The most complicated meal I can cook is scrambles eggs.
I buy and eat food that gives my body the nutrients it needs and helps me lose weight. I shop for food once a week on weekend. Shopping when I am not hungry or rushed for time helps. I plan what food I need to buy and stick to my shopping list.
The key to successful food buying when you try to lose weight is planning ahead.