Saturday, November 30, 2013

Try to stick to a healthy eating routine as best you can

Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday. With so much delicious food tempting you, it's impossible to keep your healthy habits in check.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when people plan to eat until they are stuffed to the brim. What is worse, Thanksgiving often sets off a domino effect for the rest of the holiday season.

With so many holiday events revolving around food and cocktails, it's easy to add on the extra pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

But that doesn't have to be the rule. Remember, Thanksgiving is one day. Done right, you won’t set yourself back too far!
A turkey-day feast isn't what typically causes the weight gain; it's the entire Thanksgiving weekend that often packs on a few stubborn pounds.
Yes, the scale is bound to go up the next morning, but if you get right back on the wagon on Friday morning, you can easily get back to your pre-Thanksgiving weight by the next week-end.

Friday, November 22, 2013

How I did it

Three years ago I developed very strong motivation that helped me implement drastic changes in my eating habits.

In May 2010 my weight was 261 pounds. During annual physical, the doctor told me that the test showed something in my heart. He told me that obesity was one of my risk factors and referred me to see cardiologist. The cardiologist recommended heart “procedure”.
The idea of surgery frightened me. I was determined to do anything humanly possible to lose weight. I gave up practically everything I liked. I adopted a diet that consisted only of fresh non-starchy vegetables, fresh low-sugar fruits, lean protein and a slice of whole grain bread. I took Omega 3 (healthy fats) and multivitamin supplement daily. I drank unsweetened hot tea three times a day and tried to drink a lot of water.

Changing my eating habits was not super easy and initially I experienced some level of stress after I gave up all of the foods I liked. The first few days were most challenging. I felt weak and had no energy, but I didn’t feel hungry. Since my new way of eating provided rapid weight loss at the start, I had the additional incentive to keep going. When I saw the numbers on the scale going down every single day, I got excited and wanted to stick with my method. Soon cravings for junk food disappeared and I honestly could say that I liked and enjoyed healthy foods I eat.
During my weight loss process I tried to learn as much as possible about losing weight, different diets, and challenges faced while attempting to lose weight. I read more than many books, hundreds of articles and reports, and extensively researched the weight loss related issues on Internet. I learned a lot about physiology, nutrition, health and exercise science, and perhaps I know more about losing weight than an average person. I know what my body needs for successful weight loss and good health, and I use this knowledge to continue to be successful.

I found out that by eating the new, healthy way I didn’t have to endure hunger to lose weight. I believe that feeling full and satisfied while eating nutritious foods was a critical part of my eating plan. The food choices I made helped me feel full with fewer calories and assured that I didn’t feel hungry.
Also learned that weight loss can be achieved without exercise. Shortly after I started losing weight I injured my knee and had surgery. Exercise was out of question, but I continued with eating habits changes that I implemented. The scale continued to show lower numbers at the unchanged rate. I could not exercise for 12 months, but kept losing weight.

I researched this issue and found out that what was happening to me was nothing unusual. Being active and exercise is great for our health but in terms of pounds, exercise contributes a little towards weight loss. Food is the component that largely determines whether we are gaining or losing weight, and the key to losing weight is focusing on eating of the foods that promote weight loss.
After I lost 91 pounds I determined to make this a lifestyle and not to return to my old ways. Since a healthy lifestyle is a process, I knew that to keep the weight off my new behaviors needed to continue.

Once I reached my goal weight, I was determined to make this a lifestyle and not to return to my old ways. I knew that to keep the weight off my new behaviors needed to continue. I have my weak moments, too. I allow myself to eat differently during joyful situations like holidays, birthdays and other celebrations - beautiful moments themselves, but at the same time, create opportunities to deviate from my healthy behaviors and eating habits. These are choice based behaviors and I believe I could have made different choices had I wanted to.  Unfortunately I also have moments when I am unable to control my choices. I sometimes experience binge eating.  I still frequently forget about drinking enough water.
Today I am no longer overweight and I maintain the weight of 170lb. I’m so positive about almost all aspects of my life and I became an advocate for idea that it is possible to lose weight, no matter what your life, your current situation looks like. If you can change what you eat and how you eat it, you will be able to lose weight.

I am someone just like you. I am no different than you when it comes to losing weight. I don’t have more willpower than you do. I don’t lose weight more easily than you do. Since I lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off, I believe I am in the position to be able to offer hope to others.
No single approach, formula, or plan for weight loss can work perfectly for every person. Losing weight is about finding what works for you and choices that make you feel good both physically and emotionally that you can stick with. When you know what works, then it is just a matter of commitment on following through each week on your best actions, adopting it to your unique circumstances and lifestyle until they become second nature.

To set yourself up for success you need to decide what is more important to you. When you are convinced that losing weight is more important than what you are giving up, then you are ready for action and you will likely succeed.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

The key is consistency

I found the precise formula that takes care of my weight in the best way possible for me. My approach is based on healthy foods and a few simple strategies.

The key is consistency. Almost every day I eat well, in a way that allows me to maintain a healthy weight. And when I fail to make proper nutrition choices, I just get back on my eating program the next day.
I am following what can be called 90/10 rule of weight management. I maintain healthy eating habits and activity at least 90 percent the time.
I mentioned 90/10 or when I travel it’s probably 80/20, because I lost weight already, and eating real food and staying away from processed food is a part of my lifestyle since my transformation. However, if you want to achieve weight loss, and especially, if you want to lose weight fast, the closer to 100 percent you get the better your chances of losing weight.
Achieving weight loss does not require magic formula or secret ingredients. Your body knows how to lose weight. It’s simply focusing on what works versus what doesn’t work.  It’s a matter of trying out approaches, observing your body’s responses, and monitoring how you feel until you find an approach that works.

Than you tweak it so it that it fits you. When you know what works, then it’s your choice and commitment on following through each week on your best actions, until they become second nature.
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guest Post: Never Giving Up

5 years ago, I hit rock bottom.  I was fat, miserable, depressed, and sick. I just didn’t care about myself.  Today, I'm still fat but I'm not miserable, depressed or sick any more.  I finally broke free of the vicious cycle I was in.

3 years ago, I started to teach myself how to eat.  Seriously.  I thought I would be even happier if I was skinny. I learned about counting calories and understanding that you must expend more calories than you take in to lose weight.  I found there are two ways to reduce your calorie intake.
Artificially, by eating reduced calorie processed foods or by eating naturally low calorie foods such as fruits and veggies.  Not wanting to give up the things I love, I started out with reduced calorie versions of all those yummy things.  They turned out not so yummy.  Did I lose some weight?  Yup.  But then I discovered I got more bang for my buck eating naturally low calorie foods.  Even better, I discovered that I felt better, both mentally and physically, when I ate unprocessed foods.

Five years later, it’s 2013.  I feel pretty darn good.  Many of my previous health problems are non-existent.  Have I lost weight? About 55 pounds and counting.  But on this journey, I discovered a few things I wasn’t expecting…
•Skinny does not equal healthy.

•Healthy food does not equal low fat, low calorie

•There are lots of weird, scary things in processed food

•When I feel good, I actually enjoy physical activity

•My taste buds are trainable

•When I feel good about myself I don’t care what other people think about me

I still struggle every day.  2013 has been particularly difficult for me as I try to deal with some digestive issues since getting a stomach virus over 6 months ago.  I haven't lost any weight. There are points where I want to give up and go back to my old ways.  Trying to be as healthy as possible can be exhausting at times.  Sometimes I wish I could hit up the closest fast food restaurant rather than spending an hour in the kitchen cooking a meal. However, I know I can't quit.  Quitting means returning to the life I left behind.  Quitting means getting sick again. Quitting means being miserable.  I won't go back.
There are so many ups and downs when you take the first steps to getting healthy.  In the end, the ups are WAY better than the downs.  I may take a few steps backwards every once in a while but I will always make sure I have more steps forward in this journey.



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weight is an issue for almost everyone

Weight is an issue for almost everyone. If you are reading this blog, you are probably overweight. And most likely you have already tried to do something about. If you still trying, because you haven’t had much success I want to tell you that being in control of your foods choices is the “secret” to weight loss.  

It is always your choice. You can chose the type of foods you eat. And you can make some better choices. Achieving weight loss does not require magic formulas or specially purchased ingredients. It is focusing on what works versus what does not work.

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight, then it is absolutely essential that you provide your body with the best fuel possible. Your body knows how to lose weight; it is just a matter of trying out approaches, observing your body’s responses, and monitoring how you feel.
When you know what works, then it is just a matter of commitment on following through each week on your best actions, until they become second nature.