Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do we eat more in the winter?

The winter months bring cold weather, holidays, and the potential for weight gain. For me winter is a challenging season when it comes to weight loss.

Do we eat more in the winter? I think we do eat more during the winter time. There’s something about the winter that makes us eat more. Part of the weight gain may be because of our tendency to stay indoors and snack more than we do during the summer.
Developing goals that focus on healthy eating habits for the winter makes it easier to optimize eating winter holiday meals. Healthy winter eating habits can really make a difference with holiday weight control.  

What do you do to prevent winter weight gain?


  1. I most definitely eat more in the winter!!

  2. That's me! I eat a lot more during the winter season and some days it's even very hard for me to stop! I feel great famine in winter and I hate that! Why is like that? Especially around winter holidays. I am trying to convince myself in the beginning of every season that this time will be different and I'll eat less...well the result is not so good. I don't know anymore what should I do?

  3. I don’t think we eat more in winter. I agree that Christmas makes it more difficult to stick to your diet, but then again it’s always your choice what and how much you eat.

  4. I think the best is to eat whatever we want during holidays but less. Not too much food.
    if you want a piece of cake in New Year's Eve- why not but let's be a little piece. I personally do it and usually don't eat it all. The day after overeating love to go to a long 'cold' walk.