Sunday, August 6, 2017

Found healthy and delicious food yesterday

Eating out, especially when not planned in advance, can create a challenge for those of us who eat healthy.  
I try to eat healthy foods when eating out, or at least not to deviate significantly from the Eat Like Me approach. And, when possible, I also use week-ends to add variety to the foods that I regularly eat.

Yesterday, I had lunch at the restaurant that advertises home-style cooking and genuine, Southern hospitality. The restaurant was relatively new to me.

The waitress opened her eyes a bit wider when I finished ordering. She did not offer any comments, she just went over what I ordered to “make sure that I got it right”. 
I was glad that it was possible to customize what was on their menu, and I ended up having lunch that was consistent with my eating style.

See for yourself.  Grilled chicken tenderloins, brussels sprouts and kale salad, steamed broccoli, cole slaw and turnip greens.

I found healthy food and had delicious lunch yesterday.


  1. Fake photo. I don’t see fries or mashed potatoes.

  2. Weight loss occurs during the weekdays. It's less important what happens during the weekends.

  3. Good choice. A combination of real food triggers a portion of your brain to hunt for stored fat and burn it.