Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Who do you believe

What we hear today about diet and nutrition is confusing. So-called "experts" offer contradicting, sometimes questionable advice about food and nutrition to promote their agendas. Some formally overweight or obese individuals try to monetize their  tips or advice by selling products or services that offer the highest commission.

The majority of us struggle to accept the fact that a diet composed of real foods is the healthiest. For a diet to be truly healthful, it must contain a large amount of vegetables. When you eat lots of vegetables, especially green vegetables, you meet your body's need for fiber and micronutrients without having to consume too many calories.

Gaining knowledge is important step toward effective weight loss. But knowledge is not enough. You need a conscious effort to change what you eat. Incorporating information about a simple and effective strategy into your life you will help you achieve weight loss and have a positive effect on your health.

What you choose to eat will determine how successful you will be.


  1. Good question. When it comes to nutrition, false or misleading information seems to be everywhere. There are plenty of nutrition "experts" making these claims, even in mainstream media where millions take their word as gospel! For this reason, it can be extremely difficult to determine what's accurate and what's nothing more than a bunch of gibberish.

  2. People who have started their own weight loss journey and want to talk about it are more credible to me. Although experts are important, sometimes it’s better to connect with real people, people just like you.

  3. Misinformation on nutrition and health seems more prevalent than evidence-based information. And it’s becoming more challenging to figure out just who the experts are.

  4. Each day there are more and more articles on the weight loss. With so much advice being spread around, it can be hard to distinguish the real truth. One study might claim that eating carbohydrates are good for your health, the next study might claim carbohydrates should be avoided. You asked the right question - how do you know who to trust?