Sunday, October 29, 2017

How mantra worked for me

What is a mantra? Mantra is a simple word or a phrase to repeat. It is a phrase that, when regularly repeated, becomes a genuinely held belief.
For me, using mantra was very effective, especially when I was about to deviate from my eating plan or engage in emotional eating. I used my mantra and it worked 100% every single day. When I was tempted to eat something that would not support my weight loss goals, I would say to myself “Do you want to have an open-heart surgery?” Asking that question set me straight right away. It refocused my thinking on why I was trying to lose weight.
That mantra was very effective for me. It always worked during the first few months of my weight loss efforts. When facing a challenging situation, it helped me stick to my eating plan and make right choice related to food selection.
Using mantra shifted my mindset when needed. It strengthened my motivation. It was like a life-line for me.

Find a phrase or quote that works for you, then repeat as needed. The act of repeating those words can energize you and positively influence your thinking.  It may give you that extra momentum you need by increasing your motivation, or/and prevent you from making a poor choice when deciding what to eat.


  1. I thought mantra should be something uplifting.

  2. My boyfriend asked me if I could lose some weight. He said it was because he was concerned about my health, but I know it’s about my appearance. I cried the whole night. Any mantra for me?

    1. Girl if you want to lose weight, you need to if for yourself, not for him.

    2. Your boyfriend is allowed to like what he likes. You are allowed to live your life how you choose. If you don't want to lose weight, don't.

  3. Can a simple word or phrase really change your thoughts and your life?