Friday, November 15, 2013

The key is consistency

I found the precise formula that takes care of my weight in the best way possible for me. My approach is based on healthy foods and a few simple strategies.

The key is consistency. Almost every day I eat well, in a way that allows me to maintain a healthy weight. And when I fail to make proper nutrition choices, I just get back on my eating program the next day.
I am following what can be called 90/10 rule of weight management. I maintain healthy eating habits and activity at least 90 percent the time.
I mentioned 90/10 or when I travel it’s probably 80/20, because I lost weight already, and eating real food and staying away from processed food is a part of my lifestyle since my transformation. However, if you want to achieve weight loss, and especially, if you want to lose weight fast, the closer to 100 percent you get the better your chances of losing weight.
Achieving weight loss does not require magic formula or secret ingredients. Your body knows how to lose weight. It’s simply focusing on what works versus what doesn’t work.  It’s a matter of trying out approaches, observing your body’s responses, and monitoring how you feel until you find an approach that works.

Than you tweak it so it that it fits you. When you know what works, then it’s your choice and commitment on following through each week on your best actions, until they become second nature.
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  1. I have problems with being consistent but I'm learning that I need to keep at it if I want to see results. There's no quick fix.

  2. This is where I have a big problem with a lot of areas in life. Consistency. Whenever I set myself to lose weight, do more work or anything productive I might be able to get past the first day, but by the second day my will power is majorly burnt out. I hope that I can use this post as a motive to get my ass into gear, and learn to be consistent with doing exercise and eating healthily.

  3. I don’t know if anyone told you but the picture in this post is amazing and apt. It is the thing that really attracted me towards the article, which was brilliant as well.

  4. The 90/10 an the 80/10 rule is a superb thing. I have always strived for a 100 % rule and fail. This time I am going to start with 80, move to 90 and definitely reach 100. Great information. Thank you.