Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Right Approach to Weight Loss

Yes, you can! You can lose weight and focus on what matters and living your life.

While weight loss is not the key to your happiness and the answer to many life’s problems, it will definitely help with living a meaningful life, a life worth living as you define it.

I want to introduce you to a different way of thinking about your weight and what you eat. It is about eating real foods and not food products. It is about eating without painfully counting calories and measuring food portions. 

It is about knowing that losing weight can be done without feeling hungry. Hunger is the biggest pothole on the road of successful weight loss, and any approach that results in hunger will never be successful. 

The right approach to weight loss is not about using external measures such as exercise to control weight.

If you have struggled with weight issues or you have grown frustrated with your inability to control weight gain, you can take a look at what worked for me.

I share my real food strategy, the “non-diet” approach, as some call it, and what has worked for me on this blog and on the website.


  1. Knowing is one thing, doing is another matter.

  2. I lose weight because I just don’t eat junk food. There is no physiological need for junk food in the diet. What you are missing in your post is the psychological and environmental factors that cause addiction to unhealthy foods.

  3. How easy is your method? Most of us are living very fast-paced daily lives.

  4. Simple and manageable steps towards a healthier lifestyle are easy to implement, especially when losing weight is more important to you than anything else.

  5. The most important thing you need to do to lose weight is to stick with your plan the best you can every day. So what if you have a bad day? Or a bad week? The only time you truly fail is when you stop trying. One perfect day is no competition for 10 good or okay days.

  6. I signed up for nine-week weight loss program and they told me to switch to a diet that focused on lean meats, plenty of fruits and vegetable, and lots of water. The money I spent on my weight loss plan worked out better than I thought. Through their nine-week program I lost 43 pounds. When I was on this on this program, I was cutting out a lot of the crap. I was cutting out the processed food, the alcohol, the expensive dinners out. I wish I had seen your website and blog earlier. Perhaps, I could have done it I on my own, without paying for the program. The program costs several hundred dollars but it was worthy.

  7. I agree with you partially. Many individuals are able to lose some degree of weight through behavioral changes. They are often unable to maintain their weight loss long-term. This is in part due to physiological processes that cannot be addressed through behavioral changes alone.